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Accurately represents your app's identity

The Mediafilm App is a set of tools related to the movie industry. It encompass multiple websites that are using the same authentication system.

What will this app do with user data?

The Mediafilm App only requests the data necessary to provide its services: the user email address, name and profile picture. These will be saved and re-displayed to the user. The email will be used to send notifications, and to identify the user. The name and profile picture will be displayed in the app.

How does this app enhance user functionality?

The app allows to accept additional content. It also allows to use features that need to know the user identity.

Describe the content, context, or connection to the app

The Mediafilm app is a set of different tools using the same authentication system. is a website that provides information about movies and TV shows. It allows users to create an account to use additional features. Panoscope is an app for industry professionnals. It is subscription based, and allows users to see data about movies and download media files. The app here is a single sign-on system that allows users to sign-in and access their settings and data from all these services.

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